Jul 132013

I was lucky enough to get to go to the Microsoft Build conference a few weeks back.  It was inspiring to be with so many great developers, to hear their stories, and to hear more about the direction of the industry.  Since that time, I have been thinking, what does it take to be a great developer?  I have several ideas for how I will improve and I hope to write about some of them in upcoming posts.

I have followed Scott Hanselman for quite a while and he spoke at the conference.  Along with being a skilled developer, teacher, and presenter, he is an avid blogger.  In one of his posts (and in a subsequent conference talk), he spoke about using social media as a developer.  He gave a lot of good reasons for blogging, but I think joining the greater community was one of the best reasons.  Also, if you blog about problems that you have encountered and solved, you have a permanent record – something from which I could definitely benefit.

So, thanks Scott HanselmanJoel SpolskyJeff Atwood, and others for the inspiration.  Here goes!